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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Fat and Ugly

    These feelings about myself surfaced as a result of me being in Haiti last week ministering His love to orphans. Since we had no modern conveniences there, (not even sinks or mirrors) and it was so hot, my physical appearance was wanting, to say the least. When I did see myself on pictures others took on their phones, I thought, "I'm fat and ugly."
     What causes someone to think of themselves in this way, I thought and asked the Lord in my quiet time with Him.  Knowing this was an important revelation (that I was self-rejecting on some level) was an opportunity to bring it to Him, to process it with Him. He revealed to me that there were things in me that needed healing that only He could heal me of, and that I was to "wait" until His timing to heal. Hmmmm.......I didn't want to wait. I wanted it taken care of now, but I've learned that His ways and timing are the best for me, and for His plans and purposes. So, I'm doing that, and am assured He will deliver me.
 "Faith is the substance of things HOPED FOR, the evidence of things unseen."-Heb. 11:1
"A time to heal....."-Ecc. 3:3

     I will wait for You, Jesus.



  • At 11/22/2015 6:54 AM , Blogger Marshall said...

    Thank you for sharing! I also don't like waiting. About 2 weeks ago, it came about such that I was anticipating maturity in a specific way, but now more clear by Father's hand thàt it has not yet come so as to bear fruit. I feel a bit ”ugly" without where I now know that I need to be.


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