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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going Through the Eye

     It's been said that the narrow way to Life and the eye of the needle are one and the same, with the camel representing our pride. The rich man is a prideful man, who thinks he can live life without God. When stated as such, we can easily see why the broad path he walks leads to destruction. He is rich in his own eyes, such as those of the Laodicean church. (Book of Revelations)
     As God's Word says, it is impossible for this man to enter the Kingdom, or for the camel (our pride) to go through the eye of that needle, but it is not impossible with God. In fact, it is only possible with God, as He is the only One capable of slaying our pride, or creating a poor and broken spirit in us and reducing our boastful vision of ourselves. Only then, will we see our need for Him.
     As we walk with Him daily, desiring His will more and more, He requires more of us, but we find with the requirement, He has equipped us for it. This requirement is always a challenge to our pride; it us usually something He asks us to lay down. I believe, this is His preferred way of working. He asks us first to respond; then He takes matters into His own Hands after that. With God nothing is impossible
     Just like a good parent, He will discipline those He loves. He will conform us into His image. He will bring many sons to glory for the praise of His name!!!


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