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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Christ is the Head of the church

     I want to again share a paragraph full of truth from the book The Torch of Testimony by John W. Kennedy. These are the concluding statements made to describe the fellowship of those who gather around Christ. Kennedy says:  

"The church of the New Testament is no mere theory. It is a fact of this, the twentieth century, as it was of the first. The principles of the unchanging Word of God, having been demonstrated and tested for almost two thousand years, have proved themselves applicable to every age and every circumstance. The church authoritative, holy, witnessing, invincible has continued and will continue, not in outward show and ostentation, but wherever the Lord has found a people willing to gather round Him in submission and obedience. It is a church that is indissolubly one, bound by ties of the Spirit. Amid the bitter conflicts and tragedies of so-called Church history, the life of the spiritual movement of the church has flowed on through the ages. The splendid unity of a heavenly race, living a heavenly life passed down from spiritual generation to spiritual generation has never been broken. They are pilgrims and strangers still upon the earth, bearing the reproach of Christ outside the camp, pressing 'on toward the goal unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus'. They gather round Christ their Head, owning His Word their guide, (*through the Spirit), bearing the torch of the testimony."

*-I added this.

Chew on this for awhile and see His church, in whose foundation is Christ, and He alone is building, to create for Himself a dwelling, "that the world may know," according to His eternal plans and purposes. It is a celestial Body, whose glory is His own ,shining forth His love through them, to reach the world and proclaim that He has died for them, and desires all of them to come unto Him and be saved and changed, to the praise of His glory!


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