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Monday, September 09, 2013

Tell Me Again, Lord

     I'm afraid, and I don't like those feelings. When I looked at the picture of Assad with his finger pointing at America and the words of retaliation he spoke, if Obama attacks Syria, that makes me afraid. When I think of the Million Muslim March in Washington, D.C., and what might happen on that day, that makes me afraid. When I hear of the blacks who are killing whites, that makes me afraid. When I see all the evil being unleashed through people and the awful things they are doing to other people, that makes me afraid. Many other things, too, make me afraid.
     I can't "unafraid." I can only rely on the courage and  boldness of God, when I am afraid and on His love for me.
 I wrote this poem/prayer to God for those times:

Tell me again, God, about your care and love for me,
Tell me again, how your heart can set me free.
Tell me how Your Son willingly died for me.
Tell me again, how He won't ever let me be.

How He promises to perfect all that is wrong in me,
How He'll take away the fear that strangles me.
How He'll lovingly surround me with His arms of grace,
How one day, I will look into His face.

I know then that all will be well and good,
That the love through His eyes will enrapture me, if it could
Only happen while I'm on this earth,
Then all would be well, and nothing could hurt me.

All this evil around us is taking it's toll on me,
I'm wanting to keep my eyes on You,
But it really is distracting me.
I fear most that I won't be able to see Your face,
And be found wanting; and be a disgrace.

Surround me, O Lord, and be my hedge,
A wall great and mighty; a refuge for my bed,
To sleep in You, and rest in Your arms,
A love so strong; protecting me from harm.

Tell me again, Lord, how you promise to never leave,
How your Love died for me, and that will stay the same.
Never changing; never going; never up and never down,
But always steady and true forever to be found.

Oh, keep my eyes upon You, Lord,
Upon your precious love and care.
To guide and protect and deliver me from fear,
As I run into You, and hide with You there.


These were all good. I hope that if you too are fearful about things on this earth, the truth that "He is our hiding place" will minister and calm your soul. Rest in Him. Pray for me, I'll pray for you.



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