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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Father, Make Us One

     Our human tendency is to want to belong to a certain group, and yet Paul in the book of Romans scolded the Corinthians for doing so. He said that since they quarreled about such things, it proved that they were still immature and not ready to eat meat yet, meaning the deeper things of God.
      They said, "I am of Cephas," "I am of Paul," even "I am of Christ." Besides the fact that they were identifying with a certain teacher and splintering themselves in this way, an underlying feel to it was that they thought their way was the right one, and so pride was involved. Well, wouldn't the "Christ group" be the right one? Not necessarily if this group was touting it as something they should get credit for, with an arrogant attitude.
     I think that is what is the issue here. Again, it was the "can I sit at your right hand?" situation, vying for position of one over another; the "Gentile" mentality Christ warned the disciples about when He said, "don't be like them, because they want to 'lord' it over everyone."
     If we start to "group up" then the hierarchy begins. I talked to someone this week on the phone, and they were telling me that someone from another country had told him that one of the main differences between Western Christianity and his country, where persecution is happening, is that the body is One. He said that they did have elders, but whenever they met together, if someone didn't know who they were, they wouldn't be able to pick them out, from the way everyone is allowed, and even encouraged, to share the Lord equally. (Not until a problem came up, which had to be dealt with, did the elders do anything different than anyone else.)
     If we all would subject ourselves to the cross of Christ daily, and let Him conform us to His image, than that ugly, prideful "king of the mountain" mentality would die. Then, as a result, as we would come together, He would be "Head" of all, and all would be subject to Him, and looked upon equally.
     Is this realistic to hope for this? Absolutely, it is. Christ is coming back for a Bride without wrinkle, spot or blemish. It's time to get ready to meet Him and let Him have His way in us. Then, and only then will we see each other one way- "in Him,"; the place where there is no division.
     Could that be what Paul later states that they were not discerning the Body, and that is why there was sickness unto death among them? Could he mean that because they did not see everyone the same, in His Body, that it produced a sick Body, which would lead to spiritual death? Just some thoughts to bring before the Lord.



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