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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Self-Love Stunts our Growth

"Our fretting over ourselves is itself a preoccupation with self that must be pruned away, for it inhibits our relation with God, our bearing of the fruit of eternal life." This quote was taken from a commentary on John 15 which talks about us, as branches abiding in the Vine (Christ) and how the ones who are producing some fruit need to be pruned from time to time, in order to produce more.

When I read this statement, the Holy Spirit cleared His throat, as if to highlight that I may have this tendency; to be preoccupied with myself. I admit much of the focus in my life has been about examining my own growth in Christ. Before I came to know Christ, I was involved to a great degree in trying to change myself; a total exercise in futility. That desire, though, was carried over with me even as I opened up my heart to Him.

Recently, someone who is a called teacher of the Word for the Body of Christ, shared with me that never, in her 25 years of teaching women, has she ever seen any good come from a woman looking at her own growth. She suggested that as the woman does this, her focus is removed from Christ and abiding in Him, and onto herself. Why is she telling me this, I thought? (Ha!) A week later, after I read the above quote,  I now understand. I love how God shows us things in  a way we finally hear Him.

The wiring of my mind needs renewing, and now I am coming to know that as I believe truth from the heart and mind of God, it will be, as I abide in Christ. The words in the Word which say we are to set our face like a flint, not turning to the right or to the left, creates a picture of this focus. The right or the left could be anything which takes our focus off of Him; it could be world events, or the things we want out of life, or decorating our houses, or getting involved in strife and telling ourselves we are fighting for justice, or collecting things, or getting ready for end-time survival, or simply OUR OWN GROWTH-my albatross!!!

The truth does indeed set us free!! I am free, now, of myself, as I admit that I have been doing this, and  justifying it by saying, "I am examining myself, is all, as the Scriptures say." Ironically, my focus on self has been the biggest stumbling block to my growth, because in doing so, I have been abiding in me, and not in Christ. He is the source of any Life, and I must let His Life flow to me through that connection only. I don't have it within myself-only death reside there.

That is about all I can handle today, because this is BIG!!!  HE IS BIG!!!! I am small. 
There is a time and place, where we are sobered, for us to go and be alone with the Lord ourselves. I am at that place. Talk to ya later.




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