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Monday, February 04, 2013

Revelation: A Precious Trust

     A revelation that God gives someone is a precious trust. It is to be handled with care. Sharing it is under the advice of His wisdom and counsel, as to time, place, and with who.
     It is to be defined as God imparting to someone a spiritual understanding of His Word by shining light on it. It could be for personal use, or for the Body of believers at large. I believe that God works in a heart of the recipient of the revelation in such a way as to enable them to receive what He shows them.
     God has given me such a revelation, and I am being very careful with it. It continues to unfold daily, as it has many layers to it. This is the reason that I haven't blogged anything in a few days. I have been staring at it's beauty and seeking God as to what I could share about it.
      It is blessing me greatly, and with the application of it in my life, will change everything dramatically. I've already seen the results of it. It's application in my life has brought me peace and a sense of being protected.  It involves Him showing me how I have been walking wrongly, and laying out a new and lighted path for me; a path of new hope and life never experienced before. It is a beautiful path, filled with His Presence.
     If I share this with the wrong person(s), it will lose it's meaning. He has given me one person to share with, and that person is one who He had already shown it to before. We can feed each other with these new revelations on this ever-encompassing subject, as He's already prepared us to eat of these truths.
     A few years ago, or even a year, or even a month, or even one day before He showed me these things, I could not have accepted this revelation. His perfect timing, knowing where He had brought me on the inside, was paramount in me receiving this.
     I don't mean to be mysterious or "teasing" when I write these things. I just want to convey the value of a revelation, and how sharing it has to be under His care and direction. If it is not, it will fade away and lose it's impact to both you and who you share it with.
     If God gives you one, you know that it's because your soul has been made ready for it through pain and despair and anguish and death. And then after death, life appears. At first you are tempted to say, "finally" but then you know that you had to go through what you went through (even it was the consequences of you reaping what you had sown) for Him to place a revelation of this magnitude in you.
     It's huge; it's deep-My cup runneth over!!!


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