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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Oxymoron of "Forced Unity"

      I am really wanting to participate in the "unity of the Body" that was so apparent in the Upper Room, and at the same time wondering if that is possible at this point in history. I truly believe it's the desire of God's heart for His followers, though.
     Many have tried to "make us one" by the ecumenical movement, but this has been a staged and unfruitful attempt. Then we have other groups who claim they are not "sectarian" and that others have left them to form their own groups. The problem is that over time, they have naturally developed an attitude that, like most denominations and groups, they are the real ecclesia, a divisive element within itself.
     So, because of the hierarchial system of doctrines and dogmas in place today, with it's attached belief that those who gather with a particular group are a little bit closer to the real truth than the others, there is a problem. It's like trying to go back in time, after standing institutions have already been layed in cement, not only in physical structure (buildings) but also in the minds of the people.
     A song I knew goes, "Father, make us one. So the world may know you have sent your Son. Father, make us one." The world doesn't know the Son has come, for the most part because of the many beliefs, creating confusion and splintered factions, as the world looks on. And because of what they see, they want no part of it. They instinctively know if something is real and true, then there would be unity, and many who call themselves His, keep fighting over who is right. Sad reflection of who Jesus is, indeed.
     I am coming to see that it is not the different beliefs that are the problems because if we are submitted unto Him and listen to His Holy Spirit, then He is eventually leading us into all truth. He is making surrendered saints into "one mind" and in "one accord." The problem, as I am now seeing it, is when, in our flesh, we try to "make" someone else see the truth we think we've discovered. We disregard the Holy Spirit in their lives to show them something we feel is crucial in our walk with Him.
     Some things that have helped me resolve the  problem of  what to do when I see someone faltering or going down a path that I can see is destructive, is 1) if they are not opened to the Holy Spirit's voice ,then there is nothing I can do about it anyway, but pray they seek Him. 2) if they are opened to His voice, then they eventually will see the same "truth" that I see. 3) if the Holy Spirit gives me occasion, in His Timing, to speak a word of instruction, then I will and 4)to live my life in accordance to my beliefs as an example.
     So, I don't really have a picture of what unity is yet. I know it is held together by love for one another without compromising truth, and I know that it can only happen between believers who  are willingly and happily under the Headship of Christ.
     Again, I go back to the Scripture, "If you walk in the light, as He is in the Light, you will have fellowship one with another." First, having given our lives to Him, we then will love each other, and unity will result. I'm reminded in all of this that it is  God who builds the house, and it's only by submission to His will, that unity will happen.


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