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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Love of God Compels Us to Give

     The Body of Christ. Who are they? Where are they?
      Sometimes it is hard to find them, but there are guideposts to follow and trace them down. For one thing, God tells us that first, they are His who have accepted His Son Jesus as the payment for their sins. They have been redeemed and have been brought back into fellowship with their Father because of this. Then His Son further clarifies His family by saying that they are the ones who "do the will of God," the ones who realize and accept "they are not their own" but that they "have been bought with a price" and that price is none other than by His own blood shed for them. Then because of them accepting that they are His (owned by Him) they follow Him and "do as He did," as an example. Love for God, and love for their brothers, their neighbors and even their enemies are things they are trusting Him to work in their hearts. They want what He wants, come what may.
     Sometimes it is difficult to indentify true believers unless persecution comes their way. In the prosperous society we live in, the lines between true believers and false ones  is often blurred because most people just take at face value what people say, that they are Christian.  But when persecution comes, the false believers usually jump off the bandwagon to save themselves, and true believers are still trusting God.  So, that is perhaps why the Word says that the whole creation is groaning and travaling for the sons of God to be manifest. And one day, when God restores all things, they will be.
     My husband and I have a ministry card we had made which has the name of the ministry In Jesus' Name on it with it's contact information. We have a Scripture printed on it which says if you have material possessions and your brother or sister does not have, and you don't respond to that, how can the love of God be in you? This describes but one of the reasons we have chosen to financially support our family in India who are in need, and around the world, or should I say because of the love of God in us, the support came freely. His love is a giving love, and if I could be so bold to say that if you have His love, you will find yourself wanting to give in some way also.
     Our family around the world is suffering. Many of them are wondering where their next meal of rice is going to come from. In this country, most believers have extra money to give, if only a few dollars a month. If we claim to be "maxed out" it usually is because we have heaped it on ourselves, or stored it up in barns. God will speak honestly to us about this if we will hear; if we have really allowed ourselves to be governed by Him.  But the main thing, is that we will naturally respond to the needs of our brothers and sisters worldwide if His love is in us.
     Who is the Body? Those who through love in action give to the other suffering members, and by this show the love of God towards them. The love of God is displayed as we show love one to another.

How can I do this? you would like more info. about this ministry of integrity, call Sandy direct, or email me. We have been associated with this ministry now for 20 years, and have gone to India through it 3 times. Below are some poor widows, our sisters in Christ, who received vegetables from their pastor with love gifts through In Jesus' Name.




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