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Friday, January 25, 2013

Standing in Faith

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-welcome to the blog!!!I am definately going to look you up, because I've never heard of you before, and I want to know about your country, and where in the world you are!! If God uses these words to encourage, challenge or for growth in Him in anyway, please come back. You are always welcomed.

     Right now I am sitting here restless. I have so many things going on in my head; things I want to do, and thoughts about what God has in store for me (us, as I am married) for our future. He's given me a vision, and understanding of so many things in my life, and I am trying to be patient for Him to carry them out. Then there is the thing about what He is to do, and what I am to do in it all. As I grow in Him, I am seeing more and more that He has more to do with it than me sometimes.
     In the past, many times, I have taken the bull by the horns and tried to pursue something, and it ends in failure because it was just me having a good idea of how God was going to fulfill the vision or promise. Like Sarah, I get tired of waiting and call Hagar on the scene. And you know the terrible results of that. As someone once said, "We don't want to have an Ishmael on our hands, and realize he is not the promised child, and send him out into the wilderness." Perhaps Sarah unknowingly did this, because she was ashamed of her sin, and tried to send Hagar and Ishmael out in an attempt to hide it. Just a thought.
     I sense many of us do the same thing. We try to fulfill the vision or promise God has given us, instead of standing back in trust and watch the glory of God. He really can do it without us. I've seen Him do it before. He takes our faith in Him, without our involvement, and just makes it happen.
     And so, that is what I have decided to do with the future God has shown me. I am just going to believe He is faithful and true and watch Him do it. Sometimes when He has paved the way, He then does ask us to take steps in the process of that vision taking place, but it is as a result of hearing from Him, and not us having a good idea to help Him along. There is a difference there.
     So, I wait in faithful expectation to watch this glorious God create something out of nothing. It will be exciting to watch Him work. I stay open to His voice as to my part of it, but mostly I stand in faith believing. He is faithful and true, and He will do it!!!!!


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