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Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Dysfuntional Body of Christ

     This is how I believe the Body of Christ begins to function, according to His good pleasure: It depends on those who are gathered together and how they relate to Christ each and everyday of their lives. If, they are asking the Holy Spirit to make them into the image of Christ, and are dying daily, then He is being formed in them. If, however, they are loving this present world and filling their own lusts, desires, will and pleasures, the old Adam is alive and well, and Christ is snuffed out in them. (for lack of a better term)
     Now, let's say there are 5 people coming together to glorify Christ as they meet. Two of the people desire to let Christ be King in them, and three of them are just going about their daily lives without acknowledging Him at all. When they come together, in His Name, the two people come to pour out Christ in them, while the three come to get some of what the two have got, which is Christ's substance. It kind of reminds me of the virgins with the oil and those without, who tried to "get" the oil at the last minute so their lamps could be full, but the virgins who had been wise and had oil, told them to get their own. Sounds cruel, huh? Unless it's realized that all of them had the same advantages in life and that was to seek His Life everyday of their lives, by dying to self,  but some chose not to.
     Back to the gathering-If this is a reality (two have, three haven't) it has to be dysfunctional because everyone hasn't done their part and that is to sit at the Master's feet in their lives. So, the three have nothing to contribute, but the old Adam, who brings death. They actually are interfering with the flow of the Spirit, by expressing out of their man of flesh , and are, in a sense, infecting the two, who are continuing to consecrate themselves daily.
     But, if those who are gathered are of one-spirit and mind, desiring God's agenda as they meet, they can flow unobstructed, and  out of that, comes functioning. If, in our old nature, we try to imitate the gifts operating, or even seek to establish the 5 offices from that source, we become an Ishmael, who may look like the promised son, but only in form and not in truth. Truth is through Isaac (or what God has brought forth, as we surrender to His will) and the ultimate Truth, who is Christ, will reign as we gather.

"For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, The fountain of living waters, To hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns That can hold no water."-Jeremiah 3:13
 We, are those broken cisterns, if we haven't surrendered to Christ.

     I pray the dead wood be burned and the green branch arise and bring the ecclesia of God into it's victory as His will operates through it!!!!   


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