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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Who Am I? (Part 2)

Experiencing trauma and it’s effects are relative. Let’s use plants as an example. Which plant would be crushed and destroyed more if someone walked on it; a violet or a cactus? I think you see the point. I am convinced that our temperaments and sensibilities are so very different, that what would affect one person’s soul, and damage it, may not affect someone else, at least in the same way, or to the same degree. One child can be crushed by a mean look, while another, with a stronger frame just shrugs it off, and another doesn’t even notice! It is obvious that the sensitive child will be quicker to block or dissociate when harmful things happen to them. If these incidences happen repeatedly over a long period of time, in the developmental stages of life, serious consequences can result, not to mention, the methods of blocking and dissociating that develop in an attempt to cope and protect themselves, as was mentioned in Part 1, with one of the most dire is becoming a different person than who God created them to be. This masked self ends up not knowing their authentic self, so consequently, has a hard time relating to themselves and others. Even their relationship with God is false because the masked person is the one doing the relating, and most of this has been imitated by observing others, and mimicking their behaviors. For example, if someone asks them, “How are you?” they know to say “fine,” but to really be fine, and say it with any authenticity, they cannot, because they don’t know themselves or their feelings.
How does one, who is a Christian, get healed from this? Is it possible to get to know yourself, once you have been lost,  in the traumas of the past?
Although taken out of context from Scripture, the Kingdom principle still remains: “With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matt. 19:26)  Only He can show you your need for soul healing  from trauma in childhood, give you the courage to admit and face it, and help you take the mask off, to meet your authentic self.
How does He do that? In so many different ways. As we look in the Word at some physical healings He did, we see Him using spittle to heal the blind man, directions to wash seven times in the river for another, and laying on another to bring healing, and He does the same to customize His children’s soul healing, to set them free and to reclaim their true identity. (End of Part 2) 


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