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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Water to Wine!

Whenever there are large family gatherings, there will be a mix of believers and unbelievers attending. Make it a point, then, to pray before going that the plans and purposes of the Lord would be fulfilled, and that the enemy, and his schemes would fail. Don’t ever believe that he is not working day and night to use the unbeliever’s influence to sidetrack the believers through these family ties, or to increase his intent through those who are his to strengthen their ties to him!!!! So, the soldiers of the cross should work as hard to entreat God for His Will to be done, for He has so much He wants to get done in these events, by using his children, whose Light is in them, to dispel the darkness. As we grow in Him, we need to start looking at everything through spiritual eyes, with our hearts set on eternity, not only for ourselves, but for others.
Attending such an event last night, after praying these things with my husband, I asked the Lord this morning, what had been accomplished within the group. He showed me that the general feel of revelry, which had been present in years before, was just not there. One particular plan, involving my granddaughters, had failed completely. Then He gave me a list of people who were being drawn to the Light of His truth, goodness, and love. Today, these same family members are gathering again for the Thanksgiving meal. He gave me instruction, concerning those. He said,”Bond those relationships today. I’m coming in.” And so, what, in the natural, seems like eating and socializing, is turned into a spiritual move of God to draw all people to Him; those who are being saved.
Once again, before I go, I will bind the strongman, so he won’t try and interfere with God’s plans for those He’s marked, and I will be a missionary in my own backyard, agreeing to be used by God for His purposes, as I make a point in talking specifically to these 6 people, knowing that, by His Spirit in me, they will be drawn closer to His Light. Will I get the privelege of Him using me concerning the salvation of their soul? I don’t know, but I will be ready, if that is how He leads the conversation.
Isn’t it an exciting walk when an ordinary meal and gathering is turned into a harvest field? Like water being turned into wine! The common becomes the sacred! All because, in all things, we acknowledge Him, and are at His ready call. The fields are white into harvest! Become a laborer at your next family gathering! Overturn the plans of the enemy for evil; stand back and watch the glory of God move in your family! Be a willing vessel; fit for the Master’s use. 


  • At 11/24/2018 4:03 PM , Blogger Linda Ann Fumea said...

    Good one Patti … I actually had the same thoughts, yearnings and prayers going through my own heart this Thanksgiving. We attended Thanksgiving at our neighbors -- and everyone but us were unbelievers. I felt sorrow in my heart as I witnessed the 'unthankfulness' of the day. Although my husband prayed (because he was asked to) it was just a 'token' handed to the believers in Jesus Christ so we would feel we were not left out. Eyes glued to the big screen watched the football players (their idols) and even though the food was plentiful and delicious it was an empty day. I cried when I returned home. Tears for the lost.

  • At 12/28/2018 1:52 PM , Blogger Marshall said...

    helpful admonition. often meet folks in the midst of the challenge and opportunity of a mixed or misdirected event.


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