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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Resolution of Debating Within Ourselves

      In the past, the whole idea of not speaking up whenever someone says something that is contrary to the Word of God was unthinkable. But recently, I have been considering otherwise. Although God says in His Word to "blow the trumpet in Zion," and "how will they believe if there is no preacher?," and to "contend for the faith," He also says, that people who are carnal cannot understand spiritual things, and to "dust your feet" if you bring peace to a house and they don't accept it. I find it curious that He also says that those who are His will listen to our words. I don't know how far to take that one, or how to access it correctly.
     Then there is the realization that so many here in the West know God's Word, but are choosing to either ignore or explain it away, wanting instead to live their own lives, without regard to His guidance or help. When does one get to the point of living their life before the Lord personally and not "interfering" with other people, who call themselves His, who are either willfully or ignorantly living apart from His Word? I'm not necessarily talking about flagrant sinning, either, but living a life that does not seek Him or His counsel daily, and one in which there seems to be no fear (respect) of the Lord Himself.
     In my frustration the other day, a dear friend and sister in the Lord, reminded me of the passage which says to "work out your own salvation," which was a point well made, but then I am reminded of the one that says, "exhort one another daily so that we don't fall into the deceitfulness of sin." With that one in mind, it seems that we, as His Body, do have the responsibility to help each other stay on track, if we weren't so defensive and independent, when someone does say something to us. I'm reminded by a brother in the Lord who said that we all have blind spots, and need each other to help us see them also, assuming we are serious about not wanting to fall into the deceitfulness of sin.
     So,  when do we keep quiet and when do we speak? Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for each, and only by the discernment of the Holy Spirit can we know that as we seek Him about each situation and listen to His voice and direction. I, personally, find it hard to keep quiet when and if I see someone heeded for the ditch. Like a reaction to someone physically going to get hurt, and someone goes to rescue them without thinking, I have the same reaction to someone getting off track in their relationship with God. Most of the time, I just pray though, because I know they will get angry if I address them face to face. This doesn't mean I am doing the right thing; I may just be taking the coward's path.
     As you can tell, I am not sure on this topic and am taking both sides, to try and hear God in this, so that I can be at rest on this issue. To learn "to speak the truth in love" is something I have asked God to help me with, and the refining He is doing in me in this direction, is at the heart of this issue. I know that when I come out on the other side, He will have done the work and when there is something He directs me to say to someone, then I will, in love, say it rightly. Or, if He leads me to be quiet, I will do that also, in perfect rest and peace.
     Sometimes, I think my frustration comes from the fact that I see people going the wrong way, and I can't do anything about it. Maybe, just maybe God is trying to show me which things are mine to act upon, and which things are His. I would like to know that differentiation clearly. As He grows me up according to His blessed image, I know that will become clearer and clearer. Thank God, once again, for the work He does inside of us and for the resulting resolution of things we find confusing and foggy.  One day all things will be restored. I look forward to that time.


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