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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get Out of the Way

     Hello there, Singapore! May God's rich goodness indwell your soul today, and may you grow more and more into His image, so that His light in you will be seen by all in your world.

     I'm amazed at how God can create circumstances in our lives in such a way as to "cause" His will to be done. Have you noticed this? It's as if He throws things together, and then you wonder, how did this happen? It's like it was out of your control, but yet you participated in it.
     Let me give a good example. One day back in 1971, when I was going to college, I was in the student union to get something to eat. I saw some friends sitting at a table, and so my friend and I, sat with them. There was a guy there that I didn't know, but I found him very attractive. I mean, really attractive. As my friend and I put our books on the table, and proceeded to get in the food line with our trays, I excitedly said to her, "Don't you think that guy is cute?" She said, "He's o.k.." I was floored, as I couldn't believe that she didn't see what I did.
     Well, I thought it would end there. I wasn't the type of person who pursued something I wanted, so I just continued on my way.
     A few weeks later, I met someone who asked me for a date on the spur of the moment. For some odd reason, I accepted. He seemed cute and nice. After I was dressed to go, he called me on the phone in my dorm room saying that he had forgotten that he had another date, but that he had a friend with a "fine car" who would be willing to go out with me if I wanted to. I replied, "I don't care about the car. What about the guy?" to which he assured me was "fine" too. So, because I was ready to go somewhere, I accepted. He told me his name was Tom something.
    When he came to pick me up, and I walked out into the lobby to meet him, he was "that guy" who I had found so attractive in the student union. I said, "Are you Tom?" to which he affirmed and he said, "Patti?" and I, too affirmed. Now, what are the odds?
     The neat behind the scenes part is that he too, had been attracted to me even before the student union scenario, and had asked a mutual acquiantance of ours, about me. Unfortunately, the person he asked told Tom that he wouldn't go out with me. I have no idea why he said that to this day. Probably because he knew I wasn't a loose woman.
     Regardless, I found it awesome that with my attraction to him, and his to me, and yet neither one of us were the kind who were assertive enough to connect with the other, that we were "thrown together" I believe, by God.  I think He uses who we find attractive, as a impetus to put people together, but if they don't respond to this, and He has chosen someone for the other one and visa-versa, He can and will overide their particular limitations, so that His will is done. Yes, I believe that God arranged it for Tom and I to meet and get married, through these circumstances, despite our uninvolvment.
     When we started dating voluntarily after this, I sent a picture of Tom to a friend in a letter and said, "This is the guy I'm going to marry," way before we had even talked about it. And that is not my usual way, either. I am one who is prone to cover my bases, and not put myself in a vulnerable positon, but in this case, I believe that God had given me this knowledge in my spirit, and that I was speaking prophetically.
     So, this is what I meant in how God uses our lives and arranges things, without our seeming involvement, so that His will is done. This happens more than we know, and sometimes He lets us in on it. And, if we don't resist the circumstances that unfold in our lives, and allow Him free reign, things turn out beautifully for all concerned.
     As I typed this last line, He just answered a prayer that I had. He caused me to know that I can trust Him to work out the greatest dilemmas we seem to be in. He has spoken to me before to "stand back and watch the glory of God," whenever I didn't know what to do, thinking that I was the one who needed to work it out, and He is saying that to me now. I stand, I wait and I watch.



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