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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Come to the Waters and Drink

     Sometimes I don't feel God's presence because, I think, I am so used to feeling Him whenever I am struggling. When I am at rest, it seems like He's not there, or it feels ordinary and dull. I guess I am being adjusted on the inside since He has "lead me beside the still waters."
     Many years ago, about 15 or so, I was attending a church at a family reunion. The pastor asked the congregation who wanted to ask God, our Shepherd, to take us to green pastures and lead us beside still waters. Even though my husband's sister and her husband, who are very conservative, were there with us, I promptly went forward to stand in line with others who also desired God to take us to this place. I can envision it in my mind's eye, even today, as I type it.
     Recently, after going through tumultuos waters for all those years, and wondering what was wrong with me, was I really saved, no one else struggles like this, etc. He has brought me there. He answered my prayer, but it wasn't a magic wand sort of thing. It was hard and full of wrestling and required much perserverance of faith in His faithfulness to get me here. I know that I will go through more, but I honestly believe that He has gotten me passed many major dams in my heart. It took so long. I almost despaired. "I would have fainted if I had not seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."
     Now that things are alot more peaceful inside of me, they are more peaceful around me. And I'm not used to it. It feels lacking, although I know it is not. Peace is a good thing.
     I have a sign on my wall that says , "Shalom," which means "peace." That too is a reminder of what He has done, as it sat there prophetically speaking to me and I didn't even know it.
     Sometimes prayers take a long time to answer, but I know that it was His perfect time. As strange as it sounds, I wasn't ready on the inside to contain this peace until He had made me ready. Because it came and is here in me, shows the work He's done; that "readying" work to receive His love and goodness.
   It really is true that if we "faint not" He will come through for us according to His will, and it was; it is His will for us to let Him lead us beside those still waters where His peace resides. It is where He is, and He wants to meet us there. "Come" is something He is always saying to us. As we arise in our hearts to do so, He lights the way.


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