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Friday, February 08, 2013

Someday My Prince will Come

     Sometimes, I think, our dissatisfaction with life is due to a deep desire for that which is perfect. In God's Word, He says "when the perfect will come, that which is not perfect will be done away with." 1 Cor. 13:10. That which is not perfect refers to the gifts of the Spirit given to us such as prophecy that tell us things "in part", or imcompletely or imperfectly. But the perfect, I believe, is none other than Jesus Christ, Himself, when He comes back. When He does, we will see Him face to face, and "everything will be perfect" or "perfected"-not only in us but between Christ and us with no barriers, and we will have that most blissful and filling relationship realized.
     And, I long for that time. I truly know that every desire I have for adventure, excitement, and true love cannot be fulfilled in this life. Any parcel that I experience, soon quickly fades away with another desire that springs up again. Trying to fulfill that which only "the perfect" can fulfill can lead to harmful results, when I choose to ignore that truth, for I will, as God says "spend money on what does not satisfy." If I continue to do this, I may not only come up financially and emotionally bankrupt, but spiritually also.
     Even though we can "eat of Him and drink of Him" in the here and now, I believe, that our total satisfaction will not be met until we look in His eyes, when "corruption takes on incorruption." 1 Cor. 15:53. But that means, either it's when Jesus returns to earth, or when we shed these bodies and "die."
     With all the people and things of this earth that we love and enjoy, if we only knew of the experience of seeing Him, we wouldn't think twice of which one we would choose. There would be no comparison.
     And so, as I awake this morning, I am pining for my One True Love. This blog's address is "this same jesus" and it refers to the time Jesus ascended into heaven and the angel declared to those who were there, that the same Jesus they saw ascending, would return in the same way. To me, that is saying that He will visibly come down from heaven for all to see.
     Even though I realize I can't just sit and wait starring up in the sky for His return, as He also told us to "occupy til I come" and "to go into all the world making disciples," my anxious heart is waiting and watching until He does.  I am assured that "someday my Prince will come," and take me away with Him, and we will live "happily forever after." It will be just perfect!!!


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