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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

He Goes Before Us!!!

     "Flying by the seat of your pants"-ever done it? Of course, I know many of you have, as some people are bent to live that way. Impulsive. Spontaneous. Risk-takers.
     Myself, on the other hand, has hardly ever lived this way. I'm wondering if my measured life has pushed aside opportunities which would have otherwise been exciting and productive, or even life-changing. Or, if my cautious approach has indeed kept me safe, as I have wanted it to.
     I'm thinking about the Scripture that says if I lose my life, than I will find it, and am wondering if God is telling me that "letting go" is better. I'm wondering if He has something for me on the other side of my firm grip such as "abundant life"?
     Well, yesterday, I made a quick decision about something, backed by my husband's support, which was so unlike me. This decision holds so many unknowns in it, and is one in which I agreed to give a big hunk of control to others. This means ,in my book, that I decided to trust, which ultimately means I am trusting God with His care of me. And perhaps the reason that I have tried to control my life so much is because I haven't trusted people,  and this has affected my trusting God. Hmmm...........
     It's like I am at the camp with the Israelites when the spys came back to report what they saw. Some reported about the giants in the land with fear; the others said that with God we can overtake them!!! Because on the other side of Ai, was the promised land.
     This decision I've made could put me in the Land of God's Promises if I will but see, believe, and receive. As I take this step to "go in and possess" I go with God's protection and loving care of me. I wouldn't go without it. To me, it is as unpredictable as when my husband and I went to India the first time. My stance then, as it is now, is "unless the Lord goes with me, I'm not going." But I know He is going with me, so I will go! And I know that He has many spiritual treasures there for me, and so I anxiously await to see what they are.
     I see in my mind's eye a big and beautiful basket of "goodies" with a great big bow on it that He has prepared for me, but I can't see exactly what is in it. Those things remain to be seen; like surprises from Him. There is a note tied on the basket that says, "With love from Me to you."
     This leap of faith, I believe, will hurl me into a new realm of being. Already by making this decision, I have crossed a line which has catipulted me to a new place. I no longer am lingering at the Jordan, but have picked up tent and supplies and have taken a step to cross it, trusting Him on the journey. The Land of Promises awaits! Can't wait to see and eat those big grapes!!! Fruitfulness, fullness, and wholeness beckons!!


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