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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's Safe on the Beach-Part 2

(Read Part 1 two posts below)
Since I had the vision about the beach, the Lord has since clarified or amended parts of it and so I wanted to write them here. I had said before that the beach was the Lord Himself, and in a way that is true, but He has shown me more specifically that the car is Him, and the beach is His Kingdom. So, when I said, the beach was "Him" and now I say it is His Kingdom, I'm sure you will agree that, in effect, He is His Kingdom. But, the car, who represents Him in the vision, is the means by which we all got to the "beach" or the Kingdom. Notice also, that I was standing next to the car, meaning staying really close. When I need to jump in the car, if I see danger coming, I am right there close.
Also, He has shown me further, that most, atleast here in America, have gone swimming. The temptation was so strong. The waves with their alluring sound and beautiful color seemed to beckon one to "come in and enjoy." But, remember that the ocean represents the things of the world: it's trappings and enjoyments. Those who didn't resist this enormous pull by the power of the Spirit are now taken by it's deluding influence, even to the point that they think they are in God's will.
I pray for those who have been innocently deceived by the enemy. He put forth a pretty picture, and appealed to the fleshly desires of man, yet he lurked below the ocean, and now those in his grasp are getting further and further away from the "car" and "beach." The undertow is controlled by him, as he ever so gradually, gets God's former children ever so subtely away from Him, without them even knowing it. Only God, in his mercy, can rescue them now, by opening their spiritual eyes so that they can see their condition and position!!! God's ultimate sovereignty and all-knowingness will determine each case on it's own, as He alone sees the heart. He decides whose heart is fixed on the world, and really wants that over Him, and who has been duped unnknowingly by the enemy.
For those who are on the beach, and have been screaming over the loudness of the waves, "come back, come back," there comes a time when their screams can no longer be heard as the undertow takes them further and further away.
One day a great stormcloud will gather on the horizon, being seen in it's fullness by the ones on the beach, but the one's in the ocean will be so mesmerized by the "fun" they are having that they will not be able to see what is about to occur. At the right time, everyone will get in the car and go home, but the ones in the ocean will be drowned, and not even know what hit them.
Pray for the fear of the Lord to be instilled in each heart, and that eyes would be opened before the great and terrible day of the Lord. "Call out to Me, and I will rescue you," says the Lord.


  • At 5/01/2009 4:56 PM , Anonymous Neil Girrard said...

    I would add a picture the Lord gave me some time ago, around the time of the tsunami in Indonesia.

    I was high above a large debris field that was being swept out to sea. I could sense rather than see that all over the debris field were people, countless thousands, so small I could not see them.

    Though everyone on the debris field was destined to drown in minutes, the people were walking, dancing, chatting, buying, selling, carrying on life and business as usual. There was no sense that anyone had any inkling of the fatal danger that loomed directly ahead of them. This is a picture of the apostasy, the great falling away from the faith, the "church."

    God said of these people, "In these My soul has no pleasure - neither in their life nor in their death." Neither the way these people "lived" their lives nor the end of their wickedness would bring God any pleasure.

    Neil Girrard


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